Academic Partners


Our academic partners in the Speech and Hearing National Referral Network™ provide access to tertiary care services for providers in the network to allow for highly integrated access to specialty care, consults, referrals, second opinions, and seamless integration of primary, secondary, and tertiary medical care in speech, language, hearing, and swallowing.

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NYU Voice Center

9am – 5pm (Eastern)

The NYU Voice Center  at NYU Langone Medical Center provides evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment for a wide range of conditions that affect the sound and quality of the voice, including sore throat, vocal cord paralysis, infectious and inflammatory disorders, and vocal cord cancer. 

Appointments are available at two locations in Manhattan, NY.  NYU Voice Center at 345 East 37th Street in Manhattan and at the NYU Langone Ambulatory Care West Side, which is conveniently located at 355 West 52nd Street, near the Theater District.

Referrals to NYU Voice Center can be made by physicians, speech-language pathologists, other health professionals, and self-referral. Call NYU Voice Center to schedule an appointment 646-754-8642.


New York, NY.


(646) 754-8642