Telepractice and In-Home Service Providers


Speech and Hearing National Referral Network™ providers offer flexibility for patients and families, with many network providers offering clinic-based, telepractice, and in-home speech, language, and swallowing services. 


Zenith Speech Therapy


9am - 5pm (Pacific) 

Zenith Speech Therapy is an independently owned and operated private practice providing  comprehensive, individualized speech-language treatment for children and adults. 

Zenith Speech Therapy is based in Orange County, California, providing in-home and clinic-based speech and language therapy to clients and their families.


Orange County, CA.


(949) 903-8229


8am - 5pm (Central)

Speech Spark Services, LLC, based in Green Bay, WI. is an independently owned and operated private practice providing speech-language services, stroke recovery, including treatment for aphasia and apraxia, and SPEAK OUT! voice treatment for Parkinson's.

Speech Spark Services, LLC provides evidence-based treatment for aphasia and apraxia, following stroke, with a focus on the development and implementation of treatment plans that focus on patient-specific goals, and includes 1-on-1 speech therapy sessions and practice activities to be completed independently between sessions.

Intensive aphasia therapy programs are also available. In-home services are provided throughout the Greater Green Bay area, and online speech therapy services are also available throughout the state of Wisconsin.


Green Bay, WI.


(920) 403-0103